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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Prayer points from the Gillham Family in Namibia

Simon writes: we really value your prayers and would love for your to be praying about the following things.

• Give thanks for the start of the year and for the students that God has brought to NETS. We have had three new students pull out at the last minute which is disappointing, but God has been very generous in drawing 9 new first year students to NETS. We now have 29 full-time students (up from 24 this time last year) and about 15 active part-time students in the residential programs.

• Praise God for the two new staff who were employed at the end of last year and began work in January. Basilius Kasera is a bright young Namibian who has been heading up of small, low level Bible school in the north-east of Namibia and is joining us as a junior lecturer. Pastor Paul Makai is a Zambian man in his early 60s who has come with 25 years experience of training pastors in Africa. They are both fitting in really well and already making a great contribution to NETS.

• Continue to pray for our staffing situation.
o We are interviewing to fill our receptionist position this week.
o We need to find an administrative co-ordinator to take up this important job by the end of April (and we haven’t any money to pay them!)
o In the second half of this year the Acting Principal, Josh Hooker, will return to the UK for 6 months. When he comes back to Namibia we will be leaving for the next 6 months. This means that we really need to find another senior lecturer to cover this 12 month period. (There is no money to pay this person either)

• Continue to pray for the NETS accreditation process. We have received lots of positive informal feedback, but no official response. A report should’ve been completed and sent to us by the end of December, and we then must write a response to that report and present our case to a Board meeting. Please pray for greater efficiency on the part of the government officials and greater patience for us at NETS.

• Pray for me (Simon) as I lead a delegation to the Ministry of Home Affairs to negotiate the granting of a number of work permit renewals. Many foreigners are being denied entry for work purposes or being forced to leave Namibia at present.

• Give thanks that Margie and I are enjoying teaching so much at NETS. Margie’s English class this year is double to size of last year’s class and she has gathered many wonderful new resources to help her. I am teaching Biblical Theology, Preaching and Church History.

• Give thanks that Maddie and Noah are settled well into school again and that they are enjoying friendships and learning. This is a wonderful answer to prayer!

• Give thanks that God is so richly blessing our marriage and family. Margie and I just celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary and were struck by how lovingly God has cared for us in our closest relationships.

I am really sorry that this has appeared as a list without much colour or character. We will do our best to do a ‘proper job’ very soon.

Thank you again for your wonderful support in prayer. God bless,

Simon Gillham

Thursday, February 25, 2010

News from the Sholl family

Pete writes: I’ve started work

What it’s all about!
God has opened the doors and opportunities to be teaching the Bible are rolling. After spending the last two years in dedicated preparation for this job - time at St Andrew’s in Melbourne, deputation in Sydney and language learning here - it’s great to be finally working! (Yes, language learning is work, but you know what I mean.)

Currently I am teaching ‘Creation to New Creation’ (‘Introduction to the Bible’ in the Moore College course) to two groups each week here in Monterrey. The first is three university students (Daniel from Costa Rica, Juan from Mexico and Esteban from Costa Rica) plus Omar (a ‘grown up’) from Mexico. They are all very keen, coming each week with their preparation complete and thoughtful comments. They are enjoying the challenge of working out the application of a passage by looking at the context, and always have lots of good questions that show they are starting to think theologically about life issues. These men are also very helpful in correcting my Spanish (which feels very inadequate for the task, but I’m making progress).

The second group is the Friday night men’s Bible study that I have been part of for a year. All of the regular group, plus lots of extras, have enrolled in the course, and are working well. I was uncertain how some of the older men would feel about doing a structured course that is completely unfamiliar, but I have received positive comments from several. One member of this group, Miguel, has been so enthusiastic that he encouraged 15 of his friends to do the course! Some of them live in other states and will do the course independently using the online material. It’s a great blessing that Adrian and Anita Lovell (who will be going to Bolivia to do MOCLAM work) have been working with Grahame and Patty and getting the online resources more functional.

My big pressure, and need for urgent prayer, is my trip to Cuba next week. I’ll be sharing the with a group of pastors in a local seminary and a Cuban pastor will teach Old Testament 1 in the same intensive week. I’m feeling that time is very short to get the remaining classes prepared before I go! Thankfully, God has organised the timing such that I have taught half of the course in Spanish twice before. So third time lucky – or more accurately… third time can benefit more from the fruit of hard labour!

I’ve also preached my first sermon in Spanish to our church. I think they understood … and they definitely liked getting chocolate prizes!

Please Pray
• Thanks that God can use me in my weakness and that I can teach in Spanish
• Pray for ongoing fluency in Spanish
• Thanks for the enthusiasm and desire to learn and grow in godliness of Omar, Daniel, Juan and Esteban.
• Thanks that the men’s group are studying the course and pray that there will be a flow on effect throughout the church with people hungry to read and understand God’s word in context, and grow in godliness as a result of what they learn.
• Thanks for the opportunity to teach and equip pastors in Cuba, who in turn will train others.
• Pray for safety and good health for Pete.
• Pray for Sarah and the girls at home in Pete’s absence.
• Pray for the Cubans who face political oppression because of their faith, and pray for their perseverance amidst poverty and hardships.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Men's Convention - Sat 6 Mar

We're driving up to Katoomba on Sat 6 Mar for Katoomba Men's Convention. The theme of Men's Convention is Men of Service. The speakers are Gary Millar and John Dickson. You can read more about it here.

Tickets are $70, and $5 for petrol up and back. We leave at 6am promptly, from the Cathedral forecourt, and will return late Saturday night. It's a great day of teaching from God's Word, encouragement in the car and good food.

Please indicate below if you would like to come.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Julia's Album Launch - Saturday 6th March

Join us on the 6th March in the Chapter House to hear Julia's Album launch, hear about the ministry work at the Conservatorium and enjoy supper together.

Tickets are $20 (at the door). Money raised will go to support Julia on MTS this year. Julia's album will also be available to purchase on the night.

Check out one of Julia's songs here:

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cathedral Cross Training Term 1 2010

The Cathedral Cross Training for Term 1 2010 has been finalised.

It begins Wednesday 10 Feb for 6 weeks, between 7pm and 9pm.

At 7pm, everyone will join together for a Question and Answer session with Phillip Jensen, on a hot issue. Sometimes Phillip will present a paper, other times he'll begin with some provoking questions.

Then at 7:45pm, we'll break up into Strand Time. This term we are offering 4 Strands, and you graduate up through the strands. Once you have completed Strand 1 (this term), next term you can attend Strand 2, etc.

The strands on offer are:
Strand 1: Two Ways to Live and One-2-One Ministry
Strand 2: Bible Study Leadership.
Strand 3: Theology of Ministry

The one exception is our PTC Strand. This is the option to do a Moore College Preliminary Theological Certificate subject over 10 weeks. This term we have the option of studying Old Testament 1 or Doctrine 1. Both subjects are on offer.

The dates are: Feb 17, 24, Mar 3, 10, 17, 24, 31,
April - none (revision and Catch-up time)
May 5, 12, 19 and and exam on May 26.

It will run from 6pm till 7:15, except where these dates coincide with Strands 1, 2 and 3 above where we'll finish our PTC study by 7 and join with Phillip's Question and Answer session until 7:45pm.

The cost for this strand is listed below. This is due to the course material and the exam.

Standard $80
Concession $50

Husband and Wife $ 125
Husband and Wife Concession $65

If you have any quesions, please speak or email Mike.

Sign up here.